The insights from Osayin

We have come half-way round the world to realize our calling–and at a gurang age!  And that is to advocate for Osayin, the master gardener.  The date:  July 20, 2010, when we first did our ritual for him.  We lit a green tea light candle previously anointed with spearmint oil, offered him a rose dripped with rum.  We then centered ourself, i.e. went into a deep relaxation mode to achieve the Alpha State, and invoked Osayin by chanting his name for five minutes.  Back in our mind we were hoping for a sign from him.  Then we were off to bed and had the most relaxing sleep we ever had.

Do you see the upright deer and Osayin's face in-between the deer antlers?

The morning after, we observed the patterns of the rum libation.  Lo and behold, there were two female human figures, an upright deer, and Osayin’s face in-between the deer antlers.  He had an animal-like face with two huge ears!   Also superimposed on Osayin’s face was a smaller one–also an animal face!

Wow, when we slept the second night, we had a vivid dream–a formula for coconut ketchup!  We noted down the materials and methods in our book of shadows.  On the third night we were taught a revolutionary method of making coconut wine!

On the fourth night, we found Osayin up a santol tree, and the tree was ablaze with lit candles.  Then he gave us the santol fruit to eat.  We searched up the properties of santol, and it has anti-cancer attributes.  Hmmm. . .

Inside the circle is Osayin's face!

We encountered Osayin in 1977 at the Malubago Hills in Guinarona.  His left footprints were clearly visible to us after a light rain.  We did not know it was him.  Not until this July 20, when a spiritualist friend revealed it to us, pointing out that we were blessed to have had that encounter.  Which was also the day we first invoked him.

So far so good.  Viva, Osayin!

A bigger close-up of Osayin's!
A smaller close-up of Osayin's

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