San Pascual Baylon Divination: The World Premier

March 21, 2012.  As a highlight to celebrating San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona’s 100 plus years , dubbed San Pascual Baylon Centennial Plus, we are releasing a revolutionary way of divining.  And we call it the San Pascual Baylon Divination.


The century-old San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona image was lost or stolen at dawn of Junde 13, 2010.  Which any Guinaronanhon worth his salt resents, considering that the image is/was a memento from our ancestors.  Although we have a number of replicas, nothing beats the original.  Still and all, hope springs eternal.  Who knows, San Pascual is just there, only that he doesn’t want to be seen. . .yet.  In the words of a sorcerer friend, Aghor Pir, “Sounds like a nice method of divination… keep practicing with it.  I think San Pascual will be found when he wants to be found, but you can keep making petitions and offerings to entice him to return.  He seems to be enjoying his vacation thus far.  Adesh!

It’s the classic good-news-bad-news routine.  The bad being that, as of this writing, San Pascual’s image is yet to be found; the good being that in the course of our quest, the saint gifted us with the San Pascual Baylon Divination, the technique of which we are releasing today, and which we dedicate to Guinarona’s patron saint.  Perhaps it is San Pascual’s way of teaching spiritual empowerment beyond the grave–he the unlettered but devoted and diligent one.  He, the saint of the masses.

Just what is divination?  As per the dictionary, it  is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

Our first crude way of divining consisted of just plain rum, red marking pen, coffee filter paper, a plate and some offerings of fruit and chocolate.  Still and all, San Pascual Baylon obliged by doing an automatic drawing of white hands clasped in prayer (or clapping?) and a ship with arching smoke. (  This was on August 28, 2010, and since then, we have tweaked the method to include the infusion of fluid condenser and imphepho extract into the rum.  And the chanting of the words of power, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (literally, devotion to the Law of Cause and Effect) and supplementing it with scrying.  Talk of perfecting the technique.


The basics to the San Pascual Baylon Divination can be summarized, thus:

1.  The setting up of an ancestor altar and the daily or weekly homage to ancestors, both on the father’s and mother’s sides.  It is best that when you do the divination involving a particular spirit entity, your ancestor altar is lit up, and whatever offering you have for the spirit to be summoned should also be offered on the ancestor altar.

2.  The constant chanting of your secret name.  You make use of a pre-programmed pendulum to determine your secret name, including its pronunciation.  The theory is that your secret name is the key to the Cosmic Hall, where spirits dwell.

3.  The constant chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, which literally means devotion to the law of cause and effect as symbolized by the lotus flower.  The theory is that Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is the Force in the Cosmic Hall.  And based on the principle of oneness of the entity with its environment, you merge with the cosmic force itself.

4.  The summoning of the spirit entity, vibrating its name and your intention of how and what you want from it.  You get good results if you have the spirit’s sigil or symbol doing so.

5.  The pouring out of the rum solution onto extra fine corn flour spread on coffee filter paper.  The spirit in question will then do the automatic drawing.  To validate the spirit’s presence, you take pictures of the scrying mirror with the camera flash on.  The images that appear are of the spirit itself.

Interpretation of the Drawings

In the following spirit drawing, we invoked the ancestors to give their take on the outcome of the Corona impeachment trial in the Philippines.  This was done January 16, 2012 at Brooklyn, New York.

There is a figure of a creature lying face up, incapacitated and seemingly lifeless, indicating Corona himself.  To the left is a female figure with hair morphing into a flag, indicating a heroine  As in a female hero will emerge.  Also on the bottom left is a chicken running shocked or in a state of agitation.

When we consulted Astarte on the same issue of the impeachment, on February 4, 2012,  the following picture emerged.

The big profile is of Corona himself, being attacked front and center.  It looks as if his brain  or head is the issue and you see several faces too.  The most prominent face is that of an old man (yellow face), which could mean  the old man is from his past that haunts him now.

When we consulted Thoth, also on the Corona impeachment, the follwing image appeared on the scrying mirror, indicating the spirit’s presence during the divination ritual.

At the same time, Thoth drew the following image.

The image is that of a huge head, with some sub-heads eating into it.  Is this a case of being multi-polar, as distinguished from being bi-polar?  Or is this an issue of  a sick mind?

To conclude, the San Pascual Baylon divination is a mixture of eastern and western philosophies, including African traditions.  The beauty of the method is that there is no need for banishing, as Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, being absolute, takes care of that.   Ditto for ablutions.

We are coming up with a book on the how-to’s about the San Pascual Baylon Divination.  Pictures of all the divination images will be included as well as the background of each spirit entity that was consulted.

Happy divining, y’all.