Tech Projects We’d Love to Have

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In our modern setting, the need for information is as basic as the need for food, clothing and shelter. By extension, the World Wide Web or Internet is a basic human need.  That is why we admire a project such as this.

In an effort to buck the expensive rates of unreliable corporate telecom companies, a community in Athens, Greece, has created its own private Internet.  e6b8363e89770a70a288ab7bd6e94973

Built from a network of wireless rooftop antennas, the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) now has more than 1,000 members. Data moves “through” the AWMN mesh up to 30 times faster than it does on the telecom-provided Internet.

According tMother Jones, this off-the-grid community has become so popular in Athens and on nearby islands that it has developed its own Craigslist-esque classifieds service as well as blogs and an internal search engine.

“It’s like a whole other Web,” AWMN user…

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Demigods with Feet of Clay

Development templates for Guinarona

The Philippines have been rocked anew by graft and corruption issues, the latest being the Pork Barrel Scandal, wherein the people’s taxes end up in ghost deliveries and projects.

So what else is new? Ever since we can remember, the issue of graft and corruption has been with us, only that it gets sophisticated and mind boggling as time goes by. In the meantime, a lot of people go hungry and meaningful projects go unfunded, which the wastage could have mitigated. Is this culture a result of the conflict between needs and wants? But where do needs and wants originate? The ego, that’s where.

In the ism of duality, we have plus and minus, night and day, good and evil. Yet, if you think about it, there is no evil. The evil is just another term for the ego–or the acting up, the emanations and the posturings of the ego.

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Guinarona: An Annotated History

Development templates for Guinarona

Note: This is a concise history of Guinarona from The Archdiocese of Palo website. We have edited it for grammar and clarity and inserted some annotations where appropriate.


Patron Saint: San Pascual Baylon
Feast Day: May 16-17
Vicariate of: Burauen



Late in the 18th century the Spanish conquistadores, in an effort to link settlements and spread Christianity, built roads and bridges crossing the interior towns of the province. “Karwahes” were then used as the only means of transportation. These trips by karwahe were by no means easy nor convenient for the travelers. They were forced to stop at a place between trips for the animals to rest and the passengers to place their morals. The place was the beautiful settlement of Guinarona.

Founded in 1872, this progressive community once belonged to Burauen, but Dagami had a former claim on it.

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