No Rest for the Quest. . .

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Of Our Precious San Pascual Icon. . .


January 17, 2014. Today marks three years and seven months since our 110 years old San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona icon was lost in June 2010. Our case is akin to the murder of our parent, and we don’t know the murderer and justice is still a long way off. The murdered parent, meanwhile, is restless and haunts the place in the form of calamities galore.

For when you have been praying to an object for millions of times, the object is empowered to the point of making its presence felt in a million ways, much like the fetish in African traditional religions. Your prayers and intentions are energies–for everything is energy–and they take a life and power all their own. In the case of our San Pascual Baylon icon, the energies of our forebears are in it, so much so that…

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Think (and Manifest) with the Heart

Development templates for Guinarona

We don’t know what’s with the epoch that we live in, but wonders always crop up for our daily savoring.  For one thing, the dictum that the earth is but a school for us to learn the art of life before we graduate to another dimension, nay before we “go home”, is now more stark, thanks in no small part to the World Wide Web.  Now, more than ever, one can educate oneself outside of the four walls of a classroom, and the resources are there at the speed of a mouse’s click.

For instance. we have wondered how a lot of blind people ever achieved self-realization, in spite of being bereft of sight.  It could not be because of natural selection, because even blind dogs have this adaptive ability.  Then this eureka moment comes upon us, that it is the heart that does the wonder.  That the heart is…

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In Focus: The Lowly Camote

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When we were in grade school, and whenever we botched up our lessons, our teacher would shout, “Go home and plant camote!” It was the low pits when we were thrown that hiss, because then, camote or sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) was a poor man’s diet. Never mind that camote is the best food for humans, as it has lots of vitamins and minerals and a low glycemic index compared to rice, for example. In the United States, camote is a commodity and is ubiquitous in groceries and supermarkets.007

008                             Camote on a grocery shelf, Brooklyn, New York.

In our quest for livelihood support for Guinaronanhons in the wake of the total damage wrought by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda),the production and utilization of camote for value-added products are too good to be ignored. For one…

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