The Metaphor as Truth

The eminent scholar Jordan Maxwell has postulated an astounding world view that skews and sweeps away the existing paradigm. Namely, that all religions and belief systems are just metaphors,i.e. stories, which cloak the truth.The belief systems of the Hindus, the Egyptians, the Hebrews, the Christians all point to a deity born of a virgin birth, of a god in three personas but being an indivisible whole. Mr. Maxwell avers that, all things considered, these stories are a metaphor for the stars, constellations and planets, i.e. the Zodiac.

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Notes on Healing Self and Others

When we were kids, we were in awe as to how our lolos and aunts could heal us by just smudging us while parroting incantations. Then we would be wrapped up in blankets to perspire, then we get healed. That was then the Age of Pisces, where man and his God were separate, hence it was the Age of Duality.Now that we are in the Age of Aquarius, (which began December 21, 2012), the theme is oneness of God and Man. Which means that man is now a co-creator of reality.Which means that man now has the capacity to heal himself. And he who can do this is the awakened one, and he is free to heal those whose awakening is delayed.Having said that, we would like to share to the world the following healing techniques that do work. The assumption is that all humans are healers or have the innate capacity to heal.1. On purifying food and beverages. The objective is to eat/imbibe only the beneficial nutrients for the body. Just place your food/beverage on the table and position your hands like so. Do this for 30 seconds.

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What is This Animal Called Ascension?

For sensitive people, i.e. those whose “antennae” are affected by shifts in the earth’s magnetism, their lot is to suffer.Among others, consider the following symptoms (which I have been going through since three years ago):• Dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo, and spinning.The definition of Merkaba is counter-rotating fields of light surrounding the spirit/body which serve to transport the spirit/body from one dimension to another. And this is precisely what is occurring.As we connect to our light bodies and begin moving into a higher dimension, we begin spinning and can experience vertigo and dizziness. If you know that this symptom indicates that something wonderful is happening it can be quite fun…like a roller coaster ride.Ummm, is this what they call the process of ascension? That the earth is ascending to a new frequency or dimension?Or is it only a happenstance that huge planetary objects are being sighted all over the world?

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Guinarona: An Online Museum

Further to our post in late 2013, An Upside to ST Yolanda, we are featuring additional old photos of Guinarona, also courtesy of Fred Marinello, the erstwhile U.S. Peace Corps volunteer who spent some time there. We are going to add these photos to The Guinarona Online MuseumIn a perfect world, there is no demarcation between the constructs of past, present and future. Until we achieve perfection, we will look into the past as a goldmine.

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Why I Support a Second Term for PNoy

Who would think that Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino III would turn out to be the Prince Charming of Philippine politics? From being labeled autistic by his detractors, he has turned out to be the best president so far–and a very capable one at that. As if being autistic is pejorative–no, because autistic people are geniuses, they have very high IQs, they have pure hearts, they call a spade a spade, they are hard working. They are called special because they ARE.

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