Beyond the Cat-Dog Paradigm

From the wires, we have this story of a woman. who, while in repose and in the cremation of her remains, was guarded and attended to by stray dogs. All her life, she fed stray dogs and cats, which daily made a beeline to her home.Strange, you might say, that no stray cat had demonstrated its loyalty and affection to her in death, whereas the dogs did. Well, that’s the nature of cats–they act imperial as if the world owes them a living.To bring the analogy to the Philippine setting: Those who, at every turn, bash President Noynoy Aquino are cat-like. They think that the universe revolves around them, they are excruciatingly self-righteous yet are blind to the vote-buying and the blatant corruption around them. Although they are in the minority, their hisses and meows are amplified and punctuated by the other cats–i.e. those with vested interests.When James Fallows asserted that Filipinos have a damaged culture, I think he was alluding to Philippine cats. A majority they don’t make. Their grating meows are nothing but rage and fury signifying nothing.It is thus reassuring that most Filipinos are thankful and appreciative of the Tuwid Na Daan program of the President. Rapid economic growth is one result. World-class infrastructures are another. Still another is world acknowledgment of the good things happening.Since no one is more capable and viable at this point, let’s push for PNoy’s term extension.And in a jiffy, I’d be a dog for that.Will you?

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The Way of Snakes

As if the country is in the grip of a diabolical force that makes its inhabitants so crazy as to find fault in someone else except themselves.  What could be this force? Is it the second coming Christ, as it were?Some are so brazen as to accuse President Noynoy Aquino of mental instability, never mind that the guy is superb in managing the affairs of government, with foreign governments and businessmen taking notice and giving it an A rating. Pray tell, is that a sign of mental instability?You might say that these contrabidas are only a handful, but the thing is, they are in media, and media have their own agenda, their own slant. But they grate just the same, and there’s the rub. Of course, these media people are not divine, a lot of them are unscrupulous. A lot of them are what we call “attack and collect”. Is there anything more vile than selling your soul to the devil?Beware of snakes—they are everywhere including government. Say, haven’t you noticed that as soon as the Anti Money Laundering Council set sights on the bank accounts of VP Binay, the paid rallies and demonstrations came to a halt? That tells you the quality of men and women in those movements. They are not doing their thing as principled human beings; they are doing it for the money

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Just to Editorialize

Although, in the micro level, GuinaronaDotCom is about promoting the Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Parish as a site for religious tourism and ecotourism, we cannot be so insular as to yank out the macro, the general, the national.San Pascual Baylon Apparition on reliquary, March 19, 2015That is why. every so often. we feature articles of national and international import, and we encourage all and sundry to submit their MS for publication.We wish to thank the irrepressible Manong Santana for his explosive and thought-provoking piece, Calling a Spade a Spade: A Message to Filipinos. Said article drove our viewership to the stratosphere as follows:March 19, first publication 5,821March 20                        83,206March 21                        76,556March 22                        31,032In the meantime, here are the synchronicities around the aforementioned dates:March 19 Latest San Pascual Baylon apparitionMarch 20 Spring Equinox and Total Solar EclipseVery mystical, isn’t it?

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Oh, No, It’s a Half-Baked Report!

Ultimately Responsible? NO, Poe! By Benjamin MaynigoMy barber asked, “What is your take on the Senate Report on the Mamasapano encounter? According to the report, PNoy is ‘ultimately responsible for the outcome of the mission’. Do you agree?”“NO, Poe!” I told my barber. The report bothers me. I believe that Senator Poe and the other Senators who signed the report have an erroneous understanding and incorrect application of the doctrine of Command Responsibility.  Their claim that as Commander in Chief as well as Chief Executive of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) respectively, he is responsible for the criminal or illegal acts committed by the subordinates under his supervision and control.There exists a body of law as well as jurisprudence that govern and apply the doctrine of Command Responsibility.Section 28 (a) of the Rome Statute states,  “A military commander or person effectively acting as a military commander shall be criminally responsible for crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court committed by forces under his or her effective command and control, or effective authority and control as the case may be, as a result of his or her failure to exercise control properly over such forces, where:                    (i) That military commander or person either knew or, owing to the circumstances at the time, should have known that the forces were committing or about to commit such crimes; and                    (ii) That military commander or person failed to take all necessary and reasonable measures within his or her power to prevent or repress their commission or to submit the matter to the competent authorities for investigation and prosecution.”

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Calling a Spade a Spade: A Message to Filipinos

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By Manong Santana


EXCUSE ME General Ramos???
We are both ex-military men. The only difference is you studied in the U.S. and went back to the Philippines and served the dictator Marcos. While I served the united states military as a Filipino-american, just like12,,000 Fil-Am servicemen and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sir, can you name me one American or Filipino President who has seen or GONE THROUGH this POLITICAL and CULTURAL CIRCUS that President Aquino is experiencing for the DEATHS in BATTLE of 44 Police officers???? Men KILLED in the line of duty, legally, and part of their sworn duty to serve their country !

UNBELIEVABLE COUNTRY ! Thousands of Fil-Am military officers and enlisted, both veterans and current who follow these events are almost in Disbelief and Shock at how the Philippines, in particular,Filipinos and families of the Dead SAF officers have BEHAVED in their Uncalled…

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