New on the Turtle Talk Bookshelf: Mary Geniusz’ “Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do is Ask”

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Here, from the University of Minnesota Press’ website:

The first complete resource for the practical use of plants in the Anishinaabe culture and the stories that surround them

In Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do Is Ask Mary Siisip Geniusz makes Anishinaabe botanical information available to native and nonnative healers and educators and emphasizes the Anishinaabe culture that developed the knowledge and practice. Teaching the way she was taught—through stories—Geniusz brings the plants to life with narratives that explain their uses, meaning, and history.

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Your Teacher is Here

You’ve got serendipity when your teacher shows up–basically because the student is ready.  This teacher has so much power that the instant he does things for you, the ailment that you have been suffering from for the past three years goes pfft, just like that.And when he opens his mouth, the golden nuggets that spew forth dance in a kaleidoscope of colors in front of you and you cherish every word of it.He came forth at the right time, just when you are about to give up.  Lo, and behold, he also is an old soul, just like you, albeit a more developed one.  He says that old souls have reincarnated gazillion times since the dawn of time and that they are suckers for impossible tasks and problems, the better to perfect themselves.  Thus, in his present incarnation, his physical body yearns for respite, but his soul has this urge to live in a war-like environment.  The teacher is saying that the old soul’s taskmasters are akin to the army sergeant who gives you push-ups at the slightest urge, but that all the sergeant wants is for you to evolve into a man of steel.

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Composting is Basic

Development templates for Guinarona

Food is a basic human need, and it starts with the basics of composting. With the world-wide trend of weaning away from chemical inputs, composting carbon-based materials is a sine qua non to a successful organic farm. We in Guinarona have the brain trust, manpower and resources to implement such program.

Below are the basics of composting manure manure, be it from horses, pigs, chickens, etc.

Multiple bin system for composting manure. Multiple bin system for composting manure.

Why Compost?

Many horse owners and small livestock operations do not have access to sufficient land to make good use of manure by spreading. Composting provides another option for managing manure on the farm.
Microorganisms in the compost pile, including bacteria and fungi, break down the organic components of manure and bedding into smaller particles while releasing carbon dioxide, water and heat. The end product of composting is a dark, crumbly, earthy-smelling product similar to potting soil…

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I found my Australian spirit animal (I am the Emu)

Book of Eucalypt

I ended up taking today off work. I went to the Doctor’s yesterday as I’m dealing with shit at the moment, so I went in this morning with a blood test. Due to when I went in, it wasn’t worth going to work afterwards. I’m planning on working back next week (with the exception of Monday for the Full Moon) so I’ll make up for it.

I’ve lived in this area of Sydney on and off for two years. I first moved here to be with my Muggle at the end of 2008/start of 2009. Then we moved to Victoria at the end of 2009, and back again after our handfasting in 2010. Yes, we move around a lot.

All this time, I’ve always wanted to go to the local botanical gardens. It was a drive from our first house up here, and a short walk from Nan’s, but each…

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Native American Symbol – Whirling Log (Swastika)


Native American Jewelry Tips

Native American Symbol Whirling Log
Native American Symbol Whirling Log

The design of the Whirling Logs is similar in appearance to the symbol of horror associated with the Nazis.

Both are swastikas.

Swastika is Sanskrit meaning “well-being”. Throughout most of history, it has been associated with order and stability. The unfortunate association of the swastika with Hitler understandably makes some people uncomfortable when they see a similar symbol on Native American baskets, rugs and jewelry.

To distinguish Whirling Logs from Hitler’s Swastika, some try to make a distinction between which direction the figure appears to rotate, clockwise or counter-clockwise. But if you look at a whirling log on the outside of a Native American basket and it is whirling counter-clockwise, that same design will be whirling clockwise on the inside. Similarly with a woven rug – each side of the rug would show the symbol whirling a different way. So that is not distinction.

Native American Basket with Whirling Log Symbol


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