Testimony Versus Confession


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By: Roberto Yoingco de Leon

Now you know what happens when you confess to the devil. He won’t believe you.
Once a liar, always a liar? So how do you get to the truth?
Lascañas statements: not testimonies but confessions. You know the difference?
Filipinos wrong-headed! Silent when killers lie; scream “liar!” to confessions.
Filipinos are spiritual cripples. They vote to spite their noses. Kaya pango!
Duterte for President? What’s new? Vigilantes for cops, maybe.
Duterte for President? The mistake begins by voting Gordon or Sotto for senator.
Since Day 1, Filipinos have been ass-hole voters.
Filipinos deserve a criminal for a president. Many of them are “wishful-killers”.·
Deep down inside Filipinos already know the truth about Duterte.
“Presidente” kayo ng “Presidente”! “Presidente” niyo Kriminal!
When the big bad wolf knocks on your door, you don’t feel his fangs, you run, RUN!
Moral of the story: what walks…

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